About Andrews Farm & Seed Inc

Andrews Farm & Seed is a second generation, family owned seed company committed to providing consistently high quality seed production, conditioning, warehousing and shipping services.  We partner with growers who share the same high quality standards that our business partners have come to expect from us, as the employee's of Andrews Farm & Seed abide by the motto that "Quality is a choice". We are located in the southwest corner of Missouri, a corridor to both I44 (East & West) and I49 (North & South).  We have a multitude of growers conveniently located within a 100 mile radius and some product trucked for conditioning as far away as 250 miles.

If you are interested in becoming a grower of one or many of our high quality products you may reach us via the "Contact Us" at the top of this page or just give us a call at 417-246-5510.  We offer competitive contracts for the quality conscious grower.  We offer educational growth at our annual growers meeting whereby we bring in expert speakers to discuss current strategy to improve your yields as well as what to expect in the years ahead.  We buy mixed varieties of Wheat and KY-31 Fescue at harvest and offer competitive market pricing, but only buy contracted Soybeans from our growers.




We provide custom contract conditioning services to a variety of seed companies using state of the art equipment to package in multiple package sizes in order to meet grower demand. 


Seed Sales

We grow virtually all of the seed that we sell right here in southwest Missouri.  We sell Stine Soybeans, our trademark wheat brands of Kingrazer and Forage Maxx, as well as award winning Agrimaxx Wheat.  We also sell homegrown Kentucky 31 Fescue to meet your grass needs. Our wheat and fescue is sold primarily to dealers and wholesalers with some retail sales locally.




We offer seed treatment for our Soybeans and Wheat products, including Apron Maxx Extra, Cruiser Maxx Advanced, Vibrance, Optimize, Vibrance Extreme and Vibrance Extreme with Cruiser.  Speak with one of our Customer Service specialists to determine the treatment plan that best suits your needs.